UAV Products

Suntuity offers drone and UAV products and services through our AirWorks division in multiple countries and across the US. Our hardware and software platforms deliver state-of-the-art industry-specific solutions from brands like DJI, FLIR, Berkley and other reputable organizations.

Suntuity Sourcing procures UAV-related products at a more affordable price than leading competitors.


We currently offer two common drone types to optimize UAV inspections and data collecting for a variety of industry verticals.

Mavic 2

DJI Mavic 2 Enteprise Dual

Visible & thermal imagery:

  • Integrated radiometric FLIR® thermal sensor
  • Adjustable parameters for emissivity & reflective surfaces
  • Multiple display modes
    • FLIR MSX™
    • Infrared
    • Visible

Matrice 200x

The Matrice 200x combines a rugged design and simple configurability to work as a solution for several industry verticals.

Recent enhancements to this product include intelligent control systems, flight performance, and add flight safety and data security features.

Drone Accessories

Drone accessories help enhance the quality and usability of each product offerings. We currently offer 5 accessory kits that are available on the market.

DJI CrystalSky – Spark/Mavic Remote Control Mounting Bracket

Use the CrystalSky mounting bracket to mount the CrystalSky monitor to the Spark/Mavic. The USB OTG cable is required when using the spark remote controller.

DJI CrystalSky Monitor 5.5”

Created for outdoor aerial imaging, the CrystalSky Monitor features an ultrabright screen that is clearly visible in sunlight. It is designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with the DJI GO app, giving camera operators total control.

DJI CrystalSky WB37 Intelligent Battery

Compatible with CrystalSky monitors and the Cendence remote controller, the 2s 4920 mAh battery has great discharge performance at low temperatures and charges quickly. One battery operates for 5-6 hours on a 5.5” CrystalSky monitor.

DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Part1 Fly More Kit

DJI’s Fly More Kit includes a host of accessories for a Mavic 2 Enterprise drone. The kit is featuring flight batteries, a cable to turn them into portable power banks, two pair of low-noise propellers, chargers, and a shoulder bag for carrying. With these items, you can extend the amount of time you can spend filming on location, even in temperatures as low as 14ᵒF.

DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Part 2 battery

Replace your dead batteries or stock up for longer shoots with DJI’s Intelligent Self-Heating Flight Battery for Mavic 2 Enterprise with a 3850mAh and 59.29Wh capacity. It monitors battery status and reports in real time, and it delivers enough power for up to 31 minutes of flight time and is built into DJI’s Intelligent Battery Management System.

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