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Suntuity Sourcing has been delivering renewable energy services to homeowners and business owners since 2008. A veteran in the industry, we have extensive experience in the procurement of all solar system components to ensure top tier technology is utilized to fulfill every project.

Suntuity Products

Solar Panels
Solar panels, or formally defined as photovoltaic (PV) panels, convert sunlight into useable renewable electricity.


Racking systems are used when securing solar panels to surfaces like roofs, buildings or the ground.

Flashing material is used for residential solar system racking to prevent water leakage under the roof’s shingles.

A solar inverter converts the panel’s harnessed DC power and turns it into useable AC electricity.

Solar Skirt Suntuity

System Skirts
A solar system skirt is a decorative edge that provides a sleek finish to the system’s aesthetics, helping it blend more into the roof. It also makes the array aerodynamic, thus decreasing vibration and the potential risk of leaks.

Conduit, either rigid or flexible, is piping or tubing that runs along solar system to connect electrical wiring to the panels.

Junction Box
Junction boxes provide safety barriers for the electrical connections throughout the solar installation.

Monitoring Systems
We offer monitoring systems for every installation to track day to day solar production.

Solar Battery
Solar batteries provide storage for excess power to use when there is a utility outage.

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¹Statistic on home resale value is based on research conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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