Suntuity Sourcing provides an entire suite of materials you need to install any size solar system or deliver UAV services related to your procurement needs. We will beat any price from major equipment suppliers you are familiar with in the industry, making solar and UAV services that much more affordable for you.

Kitting, Packing & Logistics Support

As part of a solar developer and installer in business since 2008, Suntuity Sourcing is well versed in the most efficient and timely packing methods needed to streamline material delivery times. We offer complete packaging and logistics of the solar system components you need to complete your project installation, regardless of size.

We will handpick and curate all of the individual components you need to complete your solar project or UAV service offering, and then package them together as kits to prepare them for shipment and delivery to the location you specify. All you have to do is place the order and we coordinate the rest.

Full Delivery Service

If requested by a customer, we will handle all of the loading, shipping and delivery of your purchased products to the location you need them. This service saves our customers time and unnecessary transportation expenses. Our delivery rates will always be lower than a standard shipping service.

Suntuity Sourcing Truck
Suntuity Sourcing

Warehouse Storage Access

Aside from the large warehouse space available at Suntuity’s New Jersey headquarters, we also have access to warehouses in Texas and California in order to streamline our kitting, packing, logistics and delivery services to our clients. Within these warehouses we have ample stock of materials that will more than satisfy the needs of any size project or UAV service offering.

Suntuity Dealers Program

Suntuity Solar Dealer Network

If you’re a local solar installer looking to work with us and sell Suntuity Solar product offerings, consider applying to become one of our Authorized Providers or Dealers. Unlike traditional dealer programs that are locked into a specific product or financing type, Suntuity Solar paves the way for success through the careful procurement of top tier equipment and flexible financing options. We are technology agnostic and offer a wide range of products and services to fit the needs of your business model.

Suntuity Solar ensures that each Dealer project has a seamless transition from enrollment through activation. Our offerings include proposal generation, design and engineering of customized systems, procurement of cutting-edge technologies and significant cost reduction capabilities, and CRM database access to streamline project timelines.

Interested in becoming a dealer?

Suntuity AirWorks Dealer Program

The Suntuity AirWorks Dealer Program is designed to deliver cutting-edge drone (UAV) services to a multitude of industries through a network of certified providers that consistently maintain and promote the AirWorks brand and standards or service.

Leading companies have recognized the power of drone technology to radically transform entire industries through cost reduction, increased efficiency, lowering safety risks and creating new services. 

If your company is ready to take a leap forward into the new world of drone services, just fill out a quick form and our team will follow up with you:

Reach out and learn more about our Sourcing Program

¹Statistic on home resale value is based on research conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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